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Half Measures Rockette


Half Measures Rockette

1997 AMHA & AMHR, DN, 33" Buckskin Pinto Mare

Sire: unknown x Dam: Buttonwillows Dusty Dawn

no pics available of sire or dam

Dani came to us somewhat accidentally, as we purchased her to help out another breeder, as we didn't really need her and  her "pedigree" was close to lines we already had, or so we thought! When she arrived, we requested AMHA to perform a PQ test, as she had only been DNA tested (I like to know for sure what I'm breeding!).  To everyone's surprise, she wasn't from the sire listed on her original papers (Original registration was Half Measures Lord of the Dance - which I thought was interesting being a "Lord" when she's a "Lady"!).

Fortunately AMHA was diligent about solving this mystery, and they did have on file one that matched - Half Measures Rockette.  So yeah for solving the mystery, boo for her losing her pedigree on top!  The stallion had apparently been DNA'd but not registed and died (or something to that effect!). Morale of this story - I won't PQ test horses I didn't breed ever ever again!


So, Dani went from being Half Measures GM Lord of the Dance to Half Measures Rockette. We're still calling her Dani though! She's a beautiful mare that has produces gorgeous foals including one Regional Grand Champion daughter (Half Measures Samis Kid).

Dani's foals


She's a bit on the chunky side right now compared to when she arrived, but I'd rather have "fluffy" Minis that skinny ones!
Half Measures Rockette

Dani's pedigree

Half Measures Lord of the Dance uknown        
Buttonwillows Dusty Dawn Lippes Granite Dell Teras Tinker    
Dell Teras Betty Dell Teras Hippy  
Dell Teras Margo  
Deiles Dust Girl Parrs Sambo Parrs Little Man Del Whistler
Del Little Red
Parrs Dapples  
Deiles Dust    
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