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Wesco Farms Online

Welcome to Wesco Farms online, hope you enjoy your virtual visit.

We're looking forward to 2015 (and beyond!) as we reflect back on our 15+ years with Miniature Horses. We've enjoyed the journey and are happy with were our herd is right now - if only we could get great pics of all the horses.... One day!

Goals for 2015

Back in 1999 when setting our goals, we decided a maximum of twenty Minis including breeding, retired, pets, sale horses would be a good number for us. Welllll, we haven't seen that numer in over a decade. So, making some hard decisions this year and going to have to put some horses on the sales list, that we'd rather not, as we're back up over 30 Minis.

Foals should be coming in April (Topper babies). Although, if we ended up with zero this year, I'd be okay with that too - save some decision making!

Oz (Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar sired some phenomonal foals in 2014), so we're very pleased with him and any breeding we do, will likely be with Ozzie again.

Contact Wesco Farms

We try to post regularly to our Blog, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook (all under Wescofarms) - so if you're social media oriented, follow us please!

If you have any specific questions or concerns about our site, need Mini information (whether ours or in general) feel free to give me a call or drop us an email. We're always happy to talk Minis!


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