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Miniature Horse Stallions

All of our breeding age stallions are double registered AMHA/AMHR.
They are all DNA tested and Parent Qualified (PQ) and are all NEGATIVE for the four known ACAN dwarfism traits.

First Knights Wizard of Oz

31.50" Palomino Pinto Stallion
AMHA and AMHR registered, DNA/PQ tested.
Negative for the known ACAN dwarf mutations
LWO Negative

SIRE: First Knights Breakin All The Rules
DAM: Sheep Meadows Peggy Sue

Ozzy (yes confusing with having an Oz already!), is breathtaking. I was so impressived with him the first time I saw him, I told his owner, if you ever sell...

We had to wait a few years but he'll be coming here for the 2019 breeding season!

Ozzy has a "to-die-for" pedigree full of champion horses and Internationally known names including First Knights Breakin All The Rules, First Knight Bit o Hot Shot, Sooner States Bit o Honey, Runnin Bares Rowdy Heiress and Rowdy to name a few.

Stay tuned for a complete list of mares we'll be putting with Ozzy!

WCR Top Cop
WCR Top Cop

32" gray (black pinto) stallion
AMHA and AMHR registered, DNA tested.
Negative for the known ACAN dwarf mutations

SIRE: Lucky Four Colorcard Andy
DAM: Gallery Original Pharos Cleopatra

Top Cop is simply stunning! He has excellent conformation, short back, wonderful tail set, a long stretchy neck, tight throat latch and a gorgeous head! All of this along with a wonderful sweet disposition.

Topper is also a Multiple National All Star Top Tens, AMHA Honor Roll AOTE Stallion and NWMHC Hi Point horse. He has placed well in halter both open and amateur as well as color.

He is a double bred Boones Little Andy and goes back to Uno de Mayo via his grandsire, Sierra Dawns Unos Pharoah.

Topper babies sell fast. We have retained two daughters from the 2017 crop. We're anticipating a couple Topper foals in 2019.

All Topper foals have the designation TC in their name.

Wesco Farms Ozs Venetian Agenda

32.75" Black Pinto
AMHA/AMHR registered, DNA/PQ tested.
Negative for the known ACAN dwarf mutations

SIRE: Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar
DAM: Wards Creek Extreme Dream

Dixon is what we've been wanting. Gorgeous, leggy, beautiful head, great pedigree and easy personality.

This is him in pasture condition, summer 2017!

Wesco Farms BuckeRowdyRoo
Wesco Farms Buckerowdyroo

34" Blue Roan
AMHA/AMHR registered DNA/PQ tested
Negative for the known ACAN dwarf mutations

SIRE: Little Kings Bagheera Buckeroo
DAM: NFC Rowdys Lil Chiclet

Ringo is my big baby. He's a Buckeroo and Rowdy grandson, hence his name. He's very correct with fantastic movement, upheaded presence, and a wonderful personality.

Ringo's foals have his presence of mind (too smart!) athletic ability and movement. We're considering a couple of mares that will cross well for driving prospects.


Reserved for the mystery stallion I haven't found yet!

Homozyous bay pinto under 34", proven sire, with AMHA World or AMHR National record - halter or driving.

Of course - solid conformation, excellent mind, athletic ability and good pedigree (no ??? unknowns close in!)

No bad habits or congenitals breeding/health issues.

Dwarfism free (tested or owner willing to test). I'll pay for Mr. Right!

Preferably between 4-12 years, AMHA and AMHR registered.

Person selling must have clear/free title ready to transfer! USA or Canada only.

One day we'll find him or breed him!

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