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The catch-all page for the different information we've collected over the years.

Miscellaneous Pages

The pages listed below are purely here for information purposes, so please do your own independent research (talk to a vet about medical conditions!), as many things can change over time.

Much of these linked pages I've collected over the past twenty years, many having sat on various PC hard drives for years. Therefore, many I haven't a clue as to their origination or who the author could be.

If known, the author/creator is sited. So to be clear, I make no claims to having created any of it and if you know who did create something, please let me know!

Body Condition Score sheet

Different types of Equine Heads - Collage

Conformation diagram


Skeletal Atavism

Foal Presentation Chart

Congenital Abnormalities

Selenium Deficiency Map

Lethal White Color Chart

Foaling Calculator

Our Gelding Incentive Program

Growth Plate Fusion Chart

Harness Parts photo

Trailer Safety Kit

Equine Color Coat Chart

(Created by Linda Kristoffersson shewollf.deviantart.com

Miniature Horse Color Pages

* still a work in progress! *

Cream Dilute
Silver Dilute Gene
Agouti (bay & buckskin)
Red (Chestnut and Sorrel)
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