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Inheritance Ignored

Horse Head Collage

Horse Humor (lots of horsie jokes)


When you crash into the "wrong" momma! Getting a backrub from, Tomas, the farrier.
Synchronized rolling Why Mares have foals...
Batman, a black colt born on a warmishly hot summer day. His dam was not a 'friendly' mare, and didn't want us near him in a very serious way! So his sac was drying on him as we're trying to get him away from her to remove it. He earned the barn name, Batman with the registered name, Wesco Farms LM Caped Crusader. Wesco Farms LM Caped Crusader JC and Magic. (Wesco Farms Rogers Big Talkin Man and Wesco Farms LM Could It Be Magic) Best buddies, born a month apart.
Summertime treat, bobbing for apples Mini style! Bobbing for apples
Lola (Wesco Farms TC Lovely Lolita) loved to rub her face with peacock feathers every chance she could!
Jack (Wesco Farms Rogers Jack London) the dog slayer. Flirty little foal!

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