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Miniature Horse Geldings

Our geldings live in our mare herd, as they seem to fit better there than in the bachelor group. We have a few resident geldings, Woody, Ray and Dash and usually a couple others for sale.

We do occasionally have geldings for sale, depending on foaling season, and if/when we thing a stallion would be much happier without the hormones! So Email or call!

Tox, pictured here is off with his new family, but we love this pic!.

We do prefer to wait to geld until our Minis are over the age of two if possible, (see growth plate chart), but have gelded as early as six months. It's a personal preference, and fortunately we have the space to accomodate the boys until we feel they're mature physically to be gelded. There are benefits to gelding early and also gelding later. There is a consideration with Minis as there is some evidence that early gelding, may increase the height (search Google for the various opinions!). A great, thoughtful article on Gelding (and why you should) can be found on Natural Horse World.

Las Doradas Orions Sweet Woodruff aka "Woody"

Las Doradas Orions Sweet Woodruff

1999 AMHR 36" Varnish roan appy Gelding
SIRE: Buttonwillows Disco Tex x DAM: Las Doradas Fleur de Mai

Woody is one of the original three (the W in Wesco) we started with back in 1999. He was purchased as a pet and gelded at nine months. He outgrew his A papers, but we don't care, he's a great guy and one of our lifers!

He is also our resident founder case. He tends to have chronic hoof problems, so spends his time with one of his buddies in the "founder/fat paddock" a 2.5 acre dry lot where they get grass hay only.

Wesco Farms Rayo del Sol aka "Baby Ray"

Wesco Farms Rayo del Sol

2001 AMHA/AMHR 30" Silver Bay Gelding
SIRE: Sugarcreek Houdini x DAM: Las Doradas Etoile de Mar

Baby Ray (still called a Baby at 14!), was one of our first foals, back when shorter was the thing. He has the very old-style lots of body and no legs (50/50) build and is a chunky-monkey much like his sire. We knew he was a lifer and definitely NOT breeding quality even as a foal. So, he's spent his life with the mare herd, generally with his half-sister Jiji or Dash, his buddies.

Wesco Farms Spirits Dasho Honey aka Dash

Wesco Farms Spirits Dasho Honey

2002 AMHR DNA/PQ 36" Palomino Pinto Gelding
SIRE: Quicksilvers Spirit x DAM: Las Doradas Little Honey

Dash is just a gorgeous Mini. We sold him as a weanling, and bought him back after we found he'd been in a series of homes and the last owner was going to take him to auction. He was gelded on his return and is a lifer now.

We did have him trained to drive (rock-solid great personality!), but right now he's a tad round and I'm not sure he'd fit in his harness! We'll have to check one day!

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