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The Cream Gene in Miniature Horses

Palominos, Buckskins, Smoky Blacks, Cremello, Perlino and Smoky Creme

Palominos are a "Red" horse with one creme gene diluting the red. Buckskins are diluted Bays and Smoky Blacks are diluted Black.

Cremello is "Red" with two dilutions, Perlino is Bay with two and Smoky Creme is Black with two.



Color testing can be performed through Animal Genetics, UC Davis, Veterinary Genetic Services and a few others. The price varies depending on the test. A full panel can run $100, individuals $25-40-60 depending on which color/coat pattern being tested. Tests use pulled mane or tail hair and take usually a few days to a week.

Color Coat Calculator at Animal Genetics Lab.

Horse Coat Color Table at UC Davis


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