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Miniature Horse Gelding Incentive Program

We do do offer a Gelding Incentive Program for those that buy a colt/stallion and are willing to undertake gelding their colt/stallion. We will discount off the purchase price, $250.00 with a signed contract.

As we only geld between November - March (no fly season), we do not geld current year colts until at least November. But, if you would like to have your colt/stallion gelded before leaving, you can make arrangements through UC Davis Field Service (530) 752-0292 (or the veterinarian of your choice. There are often low cost gelding clinics offered by UC Davis and/or some of the NorCal rescues.). Any other health checks/vaccinations can be performed then as well. (If we are having a colt gelded at the same time, the field service travel fee will be split equally. UCD will need your billing information for all vet work.) If you would like your horse transported to UC Davis to be gelded, please confirm with UC Davis availaibility first, then contact us for details on transport costs.

We attend all geldings and encourage new owners to attend as well, but understand some aren't up for that!

You can also Email or call for further details.


* Sample of gelding contract language: If you have any questions Email or call!

We do prefer to wait to geld until our Minis are over the age of two if possible, (see growth plate chart), but have gelded as early as six months. It's a personal preference, and fortunately we have the space to accomodate the boys until we feel they're mature physically to be gelded. There are benefits to gelding early and also gelding later. Please discuss the options with your own veterinarian. There is a consideration with Minis as there is some evidence that early gelding, may increase the height (search Google for the various opinions!).

A great, thoughtful article on Gelding (and why you should) can be found on Natural Horse World.

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