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Smoky Black Miniature Horses

Smoky Blacks are diluted Black, as the horse must carry one creme gene from one parent. Visually they're hard to tell from a black with no creme genetics without knowing the parents and/or color testing

Here are two half sisters:
Las Doradas Etoile de Mar (Sire: Willowbrooks Moonshadow, black x Dam: Les Petites Avril, silver bay). She does not carry creme.
Wesco Farms Avrils Dresden Doll (Sire: Samis Roger Rabbit, perlino x Les Petites Avril, silver bay). One creme gene from her sire.



Color testing can be performed through Animal Genetics, UC Davis, Veterinary Genetic Services and a few others. The price varies depending on the test. A full panel can run $100, individuals $25-40-60 depending on which color/coat pattern being tested. Tests use pulled mane or tail hair and take usually a few days to a week.

Color Coat Calculator at Animal Genetics Lab.

Horse Coat Color Table at UC Davis


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