Las Doradas Etoile de Mar


Las Doradas Etoile de Mar

1992 AMHA & AMHR DNA tested 33.25" Black Mare

Sire: Willowbrooks Moonshadow x Dam: Les Petites Avril

ET is one of our first Mini's, the 'E' in W-E-S-Co in fact, we bought ET with her daughter, Silhouette and nephew Woody (the W and S in our ranch name) - hence the name. When the trio were delivered, we were told, ET was due in May.  Due for what was my response?  So, we fast-track learned about foaling/pregnant mares, etc. and that was our beginning into breeding Minis!

ET has been quite an educational mare as she's very smart and I've learned alot from her over the years.  The photo above from 1999, is her pregnant with Una.  She suckered me good on the "starving Mini" attitude they're so good at portraying! When Una was 4 months old the vet's informed me ET needed to lose 50 pounds!  She was that fluffy!!!

We've had a number of foals from ET over the years, and have retained some of her downline in our breeding herd and/or as beloved pets.  She's been retired for a few years now and is slowing down considerably.  She now gets to train the new foals on manners, although she's still willing to flirt thru the fence with the boys - the hussy!

ET's pedigree

Las Doradas Etoile de Mar Willowbrooks Moonshadow Dell Teras Thriller Dell Teras Bronco Irsul Vant Huttenest Volmar
Dell Teras Rhonda    
AWH Lady Black      
Les Petites Avril Tinker Toy Sundance Hemlock Brooks Pharo Dell Teras Moon Man Stouts Mister Pride
Stouts Mona Lisa
Dell Teras Missy  
Hemlock Brooks Shirley Dell Teras Lord of the Isles Dell Teras Buttons
Dell Teras Silver Mist
Candy Dipper P JS Poker Chip    
P JS Nipper Zipper    
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