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2016 Bay Filly. AMHA/AMHR PQ test pending

Sire: Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar x Dam: Wesco Farms Netherstorm

Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar x

Lucy is simply pretty pretty pretty! She's a beautiful bay with a pretty head, great conformation and great personality.

We do call Lucy 'Snake-bite' when we're teasing her, only because she was our first victim to a rattlesnake bite at 4 months old. She ended up spending time at UCD in ICU (where she caught the flu and had an extended stay in isolation!), but she's been fine since then. We're hoping her natural curiousity will at least stay away from snakes, but seeing how she likes to try to bite the cat's tail, we're wondering if she's be Lucy scar-face or Lucy one-eye! She can't seem to help herselif.

Lucy on th left post snake bite. On the right, at UC Davis right before getting a tracheotomyso she could breathe. You can see how swollen she was. She was bit right near her right nostril.

Lucy foal photo.

Lucy's pedigree

Wesco Farms Ozs Daedra Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar L&D Scout Orion Light Vant Huttenest    
L&D April Lady    
Flying W Farms Texas Bluebonnet Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy Ohios Tiny Tim  
Ohio's Nellie Grey  
Flying W Farms Fairflight    
Wesco Farms Netherstorm FGM Skylar Blue FGM Judah Blue FGM Sir Charles  
FGM Blue Sapphire  
LB Ambrosia Bounce Hashs Bobby Bounce  
Ayers Mini Pot of Gold  
Las Doradas Miss American Pie Las Doradas American Eagle Sugar Creek Geronimo  
West Coast Buena Callita  
Las Doradas Long Island Iced Tea El Dorados Jamie T  
La Petites Tempest  
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