Wesco Farms While U Were Sleeping


2009 AMHA / AMHR DNA PQ tested
NN (Negative) for the known ACAN Dwarf genes
33.50" Buckskin pinto mare

Sire: Wesco Farms Frangelico Flashback x Dam: Wesco Farms Twila Toy4Me

x Wesco Farms Twila Toy4Me

Surprise was born here in May of 2009, her sneaky mother, Twila, waited until I was exhausted watching mares 'not' foal and quietly popped Surprise out in an adjacent field. Hence her name - While U Were Sleeping (passed out sleeping sitting up!). Her color was another surprise, so the name stuck.

It's hard to see in the photos but she has blue eyes to go with her interesting color. She's registered as a buckskin pinto, but I think her dam's roan influence might be involed too!
Wesco Farms While U Were Sleeping FF
Surpise was sold in 2012 and sadly ended up in the hands of one of those nightmare buyers - all talk and b.s., so we're glad she actually survived the neglectful care, as the other mare sold with her did not. She was thankfully saved by Nola Prevost (Prevost Ranch - if you like Iris check their place!) and we were allowed to bring her home in September of 2015.

She did produce one foal prior to returning to us (that we know of). Sired by Lucky Four Colorcard Miramax (who's living large with Nola), a loud pinto colt now owned by Lisa Updike in 2015.

Surprise colt

Since being back at Wesco Farms, Surprise has passed on her color and movement to two colts - Starbuck in 2020 (left) and Freddie (right) in 2019.

Surprise was tested for the ACAN Dwarf genes in July 2020. She is N/N for all four known types (D1, D2, D3 & D4). That means she cannot pass dwarf genetics and her foals have inherited her NN from her.

Our Breeding Philosophy

Wesco Farms has an unconventional breeding philosophy, in that we like a short foaling season (April foals ideally for our climate), and have chosen to NOT breed mares every year.

Our preference, is to put stallions to mares around May 1 and take them out May 31st for those April foals. Our stallions get a brief window - maybe one-two heat cycles depending on the mare. We're fine with a less than ideal cover rate, as we've dealt wit winter, summer and fall foals, April is our sweet spot!. We just don't want people to "assume" mares are at fault for what appears to be a sketchy foaling history as many mares do not get bred for a couple or three years depending on life circumstances; stallions chosen for that year; etc. AND rarely, do we breed a mare back after foaling.

We're including individual mare's breeding history below.
Please contact us! with any further questions or clarifications!

Surprise's Breeding History:

  • 2022.
  • 2021. Exposed to Ozzie, First Knights Wizard of Oz.
  • 2020. Foaled Wesco Farms TC Silver Side Up "Starbuck". Open. We are NOT breeding in 2020. Next planned 2021.
  • 2019. Foaled Wesco Farms TC Equinox Ambush "Freddie". Bred back
  • 2018. Bred to WCR Top Cop for 2019.
  • 2017. Bred to Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar. Open.
  • 2016. Bred to WCR Top Cop. Open.
  • 2015. Not bred. Foaled pinto colt. (see photo above).
  • 2014. Bred to Lucky Four Andys Colorcard. (previous owner)
  • 2012/13. We do not know if she was/wasn't bred in 2012/13. No registered foals.

Surprise following Topper (Bonnie - Wesco Farms Rogers Easter Bonnet on the right).

Surprise's pedigree

Wesco Farms While U Were Sleeping Wesco Farms Frangelico Flashback Little Kings Russian Revelation Little Kings White Russian Boones Little Buckeroo Poplar Lanes Samson
Johnstons Vanilla
Little Kings Buckeroo Cameo Boones Little Buckeroo
Stouts Molly
Fishers Dun Intrigue Fishers Master Mickey Pistols Casey Branaman
Fishers Mozell
Fishers Elaine Pistols Casey Branaman
Sweetie of Hopewell
West Coast Buena Callita Kays Calico Kays Mustang Goforth Little Pistol
Kays Breeze  
Hobby Horses Full Moon Hobby Horses Patches Little Englands Lord Cupido
Little Englands Lady Jessica
Hobby Horses Betty  
Wesco Farms Twila Toy4Me Las Doradas A Toy4me2 Hartins Tinker Toy4U Bond AToy4U C Bond Showboy
Bond Acushla
Dell Teras Carbon Copy Dell Teras Tinker
Dell Teras Pattycakes II
Samis On Target Samis Knee Hi Lil Guy Shadow Oaks Top Banana
Samis Fame de Orion
HNFS Sweetheart HNFS Senior
HNFS Roxie
Quicksilvers Double Stuff Komokos Little Salty Komokos Little Champ Jr Komokos Little Champ
Goforth Little Tinkerbell
Komokos Peppermint Komokos Whiskey
Komokos Peanut
Martys Black & White Double OS Mr Man Moto Double O Seven Moto
Tom Field Mare
Delightful Doll Moto  
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