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Reference Horses

WESCO FARMS has information and photos on a variety of individual reference sires and dams that we've collected over the years.

These are horses that have been or are instrumental in forming todays American Miniature Horse.

Some are horses that we've owned, but the majority are NOT. They appear in our horses pedigrees as well as many World and National Champions in AMHA or AMHR.

We added them to our Google Photos site. We haven't finished yet. It should make it easier for people to save copies or download. If you'd like a copy of the photo or information, email us.

The photo's here are for REFERENCE VALUE ONLY, we take no credit for ownership and/or photography. We will credit the owners/breeders of the horse, as well as the photographer if known and time permitting. We've also noted (? questions ?) if we're unsure of the exact name or information.

If there are any corrections or additions, we would appreciate it if you let us know! THANKS!!!

Reference Horses A-E (Registered Name)

Reference Horses F-K

Reference Horses L-P

Reference Horses Q-U

Reference Horses V-Z

Quicksilvers SpiritQuicksilvers Spirit
Rehs PatriarchReh's Patriarch RF Bars Cool Hand LukeRF Bars Cool Hand Luke RowdyRowdy
Stargates McNifficent Stargates McNifficent Sugar Creek HoudiniSugar Creek Houdini Sugar Creek GeronimoSugarcreek Geronimo
Sunnyside Iben SpottedSunnyside Iben Spotted