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Redbud Game Wizard


2018 AMHA & AMHR DNA/PQ tests pending.
*His dam tested N/D2 on the ACAN test, so he could be a potential dwarf carrier therefore will only be sold as a gelding.

Sire: First Knight Wizard of Oz x Dam: Wesco Farms Netherstorm


We sold Giz's dam to another breeder with the contingency we received the first foal from Boo (dam) being bred to Ozzie. We ended up buying Ozzie before Giz arrived here as we've always admired him.

Giz is a cute little guy with loud color like his parents. Sadly, he came to us in December 2018 severely underweight and badly in need of trimming (walking on his fetlock/heel), which was a surprise based on his initial foal photos we received.

He's also adopted our chronic founder senior gelding Woody (one of our originals) as his stand-in mom. Giz runs to him if he's afraid and sleeps near him - it's very precious. He is gaining ground daily and actually runs and plays like a normal foal now (January 2019) with his buddy Cobie. Cobie is scheduled for hernia repair/gelding in February. So these three (our hospital ward!) have a private 3-4 acre pen with plenty to eat and plenty of room for young horses to grow and gain muscle tone.

We would like to get his hooves completely correct and his weight at the proper level for a young colt before he is sold, but he's doing fantastic so far!

This is from 1/26/2019. He's bright eyed and playing. We're thrilled to see how much better he's doing. The second photo is Giz with our eldest Mini, Maria (Tanglewood Farms Maria), doing great at 33 years young.

You can see how he's filled out the past two month. We're very pleased with his progress.

Our fun task now is teaching him to lead, he was not halter trained prior to coming here, but is picking it up!

Also as stated above we tested his dam, Wesco Farms Netherstorm for the four known ACAN (dwarf genes) and she came back N/D2 so is a carrier. We will only sell Giz as a gelding. (Either we'll geld or buy him on gelding contract!)

Gizmo's pedigree

Redbud Game Wizard First Knights Wizard of Oz First Knights Breakin All the Rules First Knights Bit of Hot Shot Sooner States Bit of Honey J JS Little Macho
Jandts Little Mary
MCB Evita P JS Poker Chip
Runnin Bears Rowdys Heiress ARC Lolli Pop Sonrisas Hijal
ARC Dimples
Lazy N Rowdys Ginger Rowdy
Sheep Meadows Peggy Sue Bond Exchequer Bond Showboy  
Bond Golden Hue Bond Bulldog
Bond Vogellar
Pigmy Bird    
Wesco Farms Netherstorm FGM Skylar Blue FGM Judah Blue FGM Sir Charles  
FGM Blue Sapphire  
LB Ambrosia Bounce Hashs Bobby Bounce  
Ayers Mini Pot of Gold  
Las Doradas Miss American Pie Las Doradas American Eagle Sugar Creek Geronimo  
West Coast Buena Callita  
Las Doradas Long Island Iced Tea El Dorados Jamie T  
La Petites Tempest  
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