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2001 Miniature Horse Foals

In 2000 we purchase our first Miniature Horse stallion, Sugarcreek Houdini

Sugar Creek Houdini

We were still exceptionally naive on the whole "mini thing", but I adored all the daughters I'd seen of Houdini, so bought him and bred him to three mares. He covered all three like the pro he was, but our first foal of 2001 ended up as a serious dystocia. The cord had strangled the foal inutero and pulled the foals neck back across it's back. It took the UC Davis vets a couple hours to get to deliver that poor little thing - a very pretty pinto filly sadly.

Wesco Farms Imajica - DOB 05/13/01

Sired by Houdini out of Cajun (Las Doradas Cajun Courtesan), Jiji almost died at day three, when she got between her dam and ET, fortunately she didn't get injured, but scared me! Jiji is still with us, and was our poster pic for advertising for years with her dam.

Wesco Farms Rayo del Sol - DOB 05/29/2001

Sired by Houdini, out of ET (Las Doradas Etoile de Mar), Ray was a fighter, trying to stand before his back legs cleared his dam completely. He also holds the record for being the only one I've almost seen ET deliver!

Ray is still here as a much adored and loved pet. He's also our resident blimp as he loves his hay. Being the old style in conformation along with his easy-keeper metabolism, we're always struggling with his weight. Most people that visit ask when he's due to foal! Poor Ray.

Wesco Farms Rayo del SolWesco Farms Rayo del Sol

Wesco Farms Mango Dango

- DOB 07/07/01

We bought Mango's dam, Les Petites Avril, in foal to Las Doradas Buckeroos Candy Bandit in 2001 prior to her foaling. Mango (no I didn't name him, I actually let someone else pick this name - the one and only time! Mango was gelded and sold to a family in Southern California

Wesco Farms Mango Dango Wesco Farms Mango Dango

Wesco Farms Primo

- DOB 04/29/01

Primo was another one we purchased his dam as a 2-1. Primo was a line-breeding of two half-siblings that reduced their height and resulted in a beautiful colt, but he lost all his pinto color! He was gelded and sold to a family in Vacaville that raised Arabs. They loved his look as it was similar to their big horse. His name came from the Spanish as primo means cousin (first cousin I believe) and he is his own first cousin! I know a bit odd!

Wesco Farms Primo Wesco Farms Primo

Wesco Farms Nokomis

DOB 06/09/01

Nokomis is another one, that came with her dam, Las Doradas Celena when I bought a large package of horses. Her sire Las Doradas Buckeroos Candy Bandit had quite a few foals for us while he was here.

Noko was a favorite with her wonderful personality and easy going attitude. We regretfully sold her and have always missed having her here.

Wesco Farms Nokomis

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