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Sugar Plum Ranch Dainty Diva (AMHA)

Rodabi-J Dainty Diva (AMHR)


2009 AMHA & AMHR DNA tested (we don't PQ test other breeder's horses anymore).
** Diva' is N/D1 on the known ACAN Dwarf genes. (see bottom of page)
33" Chestnut Pinto Mare

Sire: Talisman KC Phoenix Rising x Dam: Rodabi-J Aztec Allure

No parent photos available.

Diva's a pretty, pretty mare with a dishy face and bug eyes. She's double bred Reh's Partriarch and a Kays Calico grand-daughter. She has great movement, wonderful personality and solid conformation.

She was originally AMHR only and hardshipped into AMHA by a previous owner, why the two names. Thanks though to Jen, Barb and Jenny for helping get her paperwork and pedigree in order.

Diva was very thin when we purchased her, but found she loves her food.

She's extremely food motivated. She looks better rounder! Although her idea of rounder and ours differs! The second photo is a couple days before she foaled - she likes being about that round if she's allowed!

Diva was tested July 2020 for the four ACAN dwarf mutations. She is a N/D1 carrier. As our stallions are all N/N, the resulting foals can be tested for the D1 gene. (See our dwarfism page for links)

DIVA'S FOALS: (left to right) Prior to coming to us, Diva had a chestnut pinto filly, Dainty Hearts Jubilee. Since we've had her, Diva had a beautiful filly in 2016 by Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar - Wesco Farms Ozs Imagine Me Wynne. In 2018, she had a lovely colt with the same dishy head she has, Wesco Farms TCs Redi 2 Rumble, sired by WCR Top Cop. In 2020 she had a stunning palomino pinto filly, sired by First Knights Wizard of Oz, Wesco Farms WO Moonstone Exclusive.

Our Breeding Philosophy

Wesco Farms has an unconventional breeding philosophy, in that we like a short foaling season (April foals ideally for our climate), and have chosen to NOT breed mares every year.

Our preference, is to put stallions to mares around May 1 and take them out May 31st for those April foals. Our stallions get a brief window - maybe one-two heat cycles depending on the mare. We're fine with a less than ideal cover rate, as we've dealt wit winter, summer and fall foals, April is our sweet spot!. We just don't want people to "assume" mares are at fault for what appears to be a sketchy foaling history as many mares do not get bred for a couple or three years depending on life circumstances; stallions chosen for that year; etc. AND rarely, do we breed a mare back after foaling.

We're including individual mare's breeding history below.
Please contact us! with any further questions or clarifications!

  • 2021. Plan rebred to First Knights Wizard of Oz.
  • 2020. Foaled a palomino pinto filly, Wesco Farms WO Moonstone Exclusive. Not bred back. We are not breeding in 2020.
  • 2019. Bred to First Knights Wizard of Oz.
  • 2018. Foaled a silver colt Wesco Farms TCs Redi 2 Rumble
  • 2017. Bred to WCR Top Cop. in 2018.
  • 2016. Foaled a silver-bay pinto filly Wesco Farms Ozs Imagine Me Wynne
  • 2015-2016. Bred to Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar in 2015.
  • 2014. No info.
  • 2013. Chestnut pinto filly, Dainty Hearts Jubilee.
  • 2012-2013. Bred by her breeder.

Diva's registration foal photo.

Diva's pedigree *

* Diva was hardshipped into AMHA, so her pedigree shown here is a composite of AMHR and AMHA.
Rodabi-J Dainty Diva Talisman KC Phoenix Rising Kays Calico Kays Mustang    
Kays Breeze    
Rodabi-J Skyline Sparkler Reh's Patriarch    
A & PS Dabbie Doll    
Rodabi-J Aztec Allure Rodabi-J Aztec Ariston Reh's Patriarch    
Rodabi-J Sweetpotato Pie    
Rodabi-J Velvet Chills DBL BB Sundance    
Rodabi-J Micro Dot    
Pedigree generated by PedigreeQuery.com

N/D1 means Diva is a carrier of the D1 ACAN mutation. If bred to another carrier, the foal will be aborted/absorbed early.
She can be safely bred to a NN stallion and the resulting foal tested for D1 mutation.

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