WCR Sheza Saviore Afaire


WCR Sheza Savoire Afaire

2006 AMHA & AMHR DNA tested 33.25" Grey (Black) Mare

Sire: Creekside Pharoas Phlash Dance x Dam: Sierra Dawn Unos Fatima

Creekside Pharoahs Phlash Dance x Sierra Dawn Unos Fatima

Savy is a lovely addition to our breeding program. She is double bred Uno de Mayo, and her dam Fatima has an outstanding show record herself. She should cross quite well with any of our stallions and be an outstanding broodmare.
Her first foal, Tox, she took to being a 'mom' off the get go.

We've been thrilled that Wolf Creek Ranch allowed her to join us. Savy was shown briefly and did wonderful placing highly at the Western Regionals. Savy is one of those super sweet enjoyable mares. She enjoys to be handled, especially the farrier! She seems to love her pedicures.

Pregnant Savy, Spring 2012

WCR Sheza Savoire Afaire

Savy, 2017. In need of having her chestnuts trimmed!

Savy at Western Regionals in show shape

WCR Sheza Savoire Afaire

Savy's first foal - Wesco Farms DN Gamebreaker aka Tox.

Wesco Farms DN Gamebreaker

Wesco Farms has an unconventional breeding philosophy, in that we like a short foaling season (April foals ideally for our climate), and have chosen to NOT breed mares every year.

Therefore we breed in May. Usually we try to put stallions to mares around May 1 and take them out May 31st for those April foals! So our stallions get one, maybe two, potential heat cycles at the max. We're fine with that, but don't want people to "assume" mares are at fault for what appears to be a sketchy foaling history.

Many mares do not get bred for a couple or three years depending on life circumstances; stallions chosen for that year; etc. AND rarely do we breed a mare back after foaling.

So, we're going to start including mare breeding histories on the individual sale horse's page. Please contact us! with any further questions or clarifications!

Savy breeding history:

  • 2019. ?
  • 2018. Not bred.
  • 2017. Not bred. Savy got sore hooves from spring grass this year along with half a dozen other mares, so we chose to forego breeding all of them.
  • 2016. Not bred. We used Topper only and didn't want to breed two greys with common backgrounds.
  • 2015. Not intentionally bred. Possibly by Buckeye WCR Dance All Night fence jump one night. No foal.
  • 2014. In with WCR Top Cop for six days. We had family issues that shut down breeding that year. No foal/cover.
  • 2013. Bred to Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar. One known cover date. No foal.
  • 2012. Foaled Wesco Farms DN Gamebreaker. Not bred.
  • 2011. First breeding season. Buckeye WCR Dance All Night. Black colt in 2012.

Savy's pedigree

WCR Sheza Savoire Afaire Creekside Pharoahs Phlash Dance Sierra Dwan Unos Pharaoh Sierra Dawn Uno de Mayo Cottonwoods Star  
Shangrilas Schatze Bond Scrapper
Bond Lode Star
Star Farms Happy Talk Cottonwoods Captain Red Lee Bond Commodore
Lee Ann
Star Farms Honeymoon Bar K RS Ricardo
Cottonwoods Little Miss Muffit
Ballards Tantalizing Tina Lowes Low Rider Cedar Hedges Fury Cedar Hedges Big John
Dels Little Jewel
Bond Tamasha Bond Numrod
Bond Golden Hue
HNFS Miss Alibi HNFS Senior  
Shara Midnight  
Sierra Dawn Unos Fatima Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo Cottonwoods Star    
Shangrilas Schatze Bond Scrapper Bond Tiny Tim
Bond Honedew
Bond Lode Star  
B ZS Touch of Class Dunnings Cisco Blue    
Dunnings Cutie Grey Dove    
Pedigree generated by PedigreeQuery.com

** Creekside Pharohs Phlash Dance is owned by SJ Miniatures and Sierra Dawn Unos Fatima is owned by Country Squire Miniatures

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