Wesco Farms LM Buena Baybee Blues


Wesco Farms Buena Baybee Blues

2006 AMHA /AMHR DNA PQ 33.75" Bay Mare

Sire: Grosshills Littlemans Anticipation x Dam: West Coast Buena Callita

Grosshills Littlemans Anticipation x West Coast Buena Callita

Baybee is a beautiful leggy daughter out of one of our matriarch mares, Callita that passed away in 2014.  Baybee sire is a Rowdy grandson, Grosshills Littlemana Anticipation. She is a even tempered, pretty mare, with excellent movement she passed to her foals.  She's proven to be an excellent dam as well.

Wesco Farms LM Buena Baybe Blues

Baybee's two foals, Wesco Famrs World Cup Chaos sired by Wesco Farms Rohans Echo ET and Wesco Farms Ozs Daedra, sired by Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar

Baybee's foals

Baybee as a yearling

Bayee yearling pic

Wesco Farms has an unconventional breeding philosophy, in that we like a short foaling season (April foals ideally for our climate), and have chosen to NOT breed mares every year.

Therefore we breed in May. Usually we try to put stallions to mares around the first week of May and take them out May 31st-ish for those April foals! So our stallions get one, maybe two, potential heat cycles at the max. We're fine with that, but don't want people to "assume" mares are at fault for what appears to be a sketchy foaling history.

Many mares do not get bred for a couple or three years depending on life circumstances; stallions chosen for that year; etc. AND rarely, if ever, do we breed a mare back after foaling.

So, we're going to start including mare breeding histories on the individual sale horse's page. Please contact us! with any further questions or clarifications!

  1. 2018. Bred to WCR Top Cop for 2019.
  2. 2017. Bred to Wesco Farms Buckerowdyroo. Open.
  3. 2016. Bred to WCR Top Cop. Open.
  4. 2015. Bred to Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar. Open.
  5. 2014. Not bred.
  6. 2013. Bred to Fallen Ash Scouts Oscar resulting in black filly, Wesco Farms Ozs Daedra in 2014.
  7. 2012. No breeding here.
  8. 2011. Pastured with Bells Hollywood Heartbreaker, open.
  9. 2010. Not bred
  10. 2009. Fence jumping Wesco Farms Rohans Echo ET resulted in buckskin colt, Wesco Farms World Cup Chaos in 2010.

Baybee's pedigree

Wesco Farms LM Buena Baybee Blues Grosshills Littlemans Anticipation Lazy N Little Man Rowdy Kewpies Sun  
NFCS Gypsy Ayers Mini Red Man JR Ayers Mini Red Man  
Mini Red Fox  
Ayers Mini Blue Jewel Ayers Mini Red Man Jr Ayers Mini Red Man
Mini Red Fox
Ayers Mini Blue Baby Ayers Mini Red Man
West Coast Buena Callita Kays Calico Kays Mustang Goforth Little Pistol  
Kays Breeze    
Hobby Horses Full Moon Hobby Horses Patches Little Englands Lord Cupido Dell Teras Moon Man
Dell Teras Maude
Little Englands Lady Jessica Dell Teras Dr Sphinx
Dell Teras Betty Lou
Hobby Horses Betty    
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